Are we allowed to exec txt file to rebind keys

are we allowed to do this? some players seem to think we not allowed to because it's considered altering files in the game and can get kicked off the server. Can anyone confirm?

To explain i'm wanting to throw a grenade and it must message the team saying i'm throwing a grenade. So many teammates walk over my nade. I know we were allowed to rebind keys in AA 2


  • OICURMT!OICURMT! Posts: 161Player
    Which server are you playing on? Official , Private ? PB enabled, ACI protected?

    In life, there is no respawn... why should there be in a game?
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    Short answer, yes.
    Long answer, it depends, setting up binds doing multiple actions is not always that popular with private server owners.
    Binding anything to fire is also hardcoded out of the game.
    (personally i run just one dual bind, reload/report in, never had a issue)
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    Text binds are fine, binds in general are fine never heard anyone complain about my binds. I currently use Use(Pick up)/Report Location and Shoot/Spot.
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