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SL_zOmbiSL_zOmbi Posts: 124Player
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Since im used to play 4:3 stretched in almost every fps game, i would like to setup it on aapg aswell.
Already added 1440x1080 via cru.

It works in Windows and in every game, but not in army.
Tried to change it in Systemsettings.ini
also used setres 1440x1080f (even w und wf dont work)

Monitor(Eizo FG2421) is saying "signal error" whenever i open the game. :angry:

Any help?



  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    Aspect ratios are "fixed" as its you cant select a aspect ratio that dont match the resolution(4:3, 16.9 and 16:10 are the ones supported iirc)
    Ultra wide wasn't a thing back when the game was made
  • SL_zOmbiSL_zOmbi Posts: 124Player
    Do i get something wrong?

    I can select 1440x1080 (4:3) in windows. But i got the error when selecting it in army.

  • Twitchr.Carbon8Twitchr.Carbon8 Posts: 337Player
    This game really isn't made for non-standard aspect ratios

  • You could try using the GPU scaling, not sure if it works for that as well. I use it to get lower resolution since my monitor is ultra wide and full screen is not an option >.<
  • SL_zOmbiSL_zOmbi Posts: 124Player
    With gpu scaling im possible to actually play 1440x1080 with black bars. But still get error when stretching it. :/
  • BiedraBiedra Posts: 6Player
    same, aapg is full of errors
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