Keyboard and mouse

Can you use a keyboard and mouse PS4 Pro? Thanks


  • CjShimCjShim Posts: 6Player
    Short answer is no. There are mods out there but if cought your PS4 can be perm banned from all onli e gaming. So not worth it
  • I doubt they ban for keyboard and mouse, even the PS5 has now build in support for it.
  • CjShimCjShim Posts: 6Player
    PS4 does not though. ID Sony detects it they do ban consoles for stuff like that.
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    The PS4™ supports the use of both Bluetooth® and USB keyboards and mice. Instructions on how to connect them are below.

    Google it.

    Its a matter of what games are compatible on PS4. However I am not going to list them since we are not here to discus other games.
  • RoughCactus69RoughCactus69 Posts: 9Player
    There are little plugins you can buy that transfer all keyboard inputs to controller, but I'm pretty sure they are expensive. I have encountered around 2-3 people that LOOKED like they were using K&M. I.E. Lots of flicking and rapid movements. No smooth movements at all. But they could just be playing weird who knows.
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