AA V 2.5 which clan u remember it

Hi I’m Napalm from =IHF= clan. We played from 2001 until 2008 more or less and than I pass to AAPG to =PwF=.

We played many years on the old version 2.5 and as its close to be more than dead I asked my self if someone remember the v 2.5 and the clan. Maybe u can write r old clan and player name.

It’s nothing important here, just to relive old passion for that game.
Anyway here some old clans who we played with:





  • SF][-General_alkosSF][-General_alkos Posts: 21Player
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    do you remember my server Grandma was slow but she was old !!
    I gave you administrator rights but you didn't satisfy us with the game_)))
    I haven't seen you in the game in a long time..i sometimes play old aa2 on assist 2.5 when the map is hospital

    Bok napi see you
  • For sure I remember it and I played very day on until aa2.5 died. Than I swap over to aapg with Leon and Kicka etc.
    it was no reason to play there more with just some ppl and u know it too ;-)
    So take care alkos and cya u on aapg , but not on the [TOS Violation] inner hospital map lol.

  • Only one clan I played with and that was HWE. :smiley:
  • -=[DISF]=-Max-=[DISF]=-Max Posts: 251Player
    [9th_Folgore] <3
  • [SWISS]Merlin[SWISS]Merlin Posts: 172Player
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    Yes, [SWISS] i do remember with more then 50 clanmembers. It was a great time with a lot of fun. And it was a perfect game....
  • (1VB)Rifle(1VB)Rifle Posts: 3Player
    2.5 Back then you couldn't advertise or bump your advert more than once per day. A days worth of clan advertising spanned 3 forum pages.

    (1VB) Completely current and prior service members from around the world. 300 members and 5 servers

    [75thr] Probably the best milsim community I can recall. Had several members join the Army because of the game and their group.

    MOG Men of God. Great Christian based clan.

    KB Killer Beez

    [BEER] Self explanatory

    Tons of great clans to play with. Hundreds of packed servers. Good times.

  • [DFekt].L.D.50[DFekt].L.D.50 Posts: 37Player
    ex {-SMAKU-} here but ones that I remember


    AOD (Before AOD_Josh screwed the team and caused them to lose 150+ members in less than 24 hours)

    Owner/Leader - DFekt Gaming
  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,161Player
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    jcp, i9, iog, oR were some of the top clans I remember, at least in the early to mid 2.x days. Hyperlite still posts here from time to time, he was one of the iog guys.

    I was part of jsoc, we were running in the intermediate levels for a while then we kind of fell apart and I also kind of stopped playing AA2 around 2.6. I also remember us playing iog in a TWL match once and getting absolutely destroyed, lol.

    Although, it's crazy to think about how competitive FPS has changed now compared to where things were in the early/mid 00s. Now you have people who spend their lives playing these games competitively for large sums of money. The skill level of these top teams is just insane.
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
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    -=HE LL=-
  • nu.-maRknu.-maRk Posts: 8Player
    JCP, i9, iog, oR were who I remember from CAL-I/CEVO-P as the benchmark of the competition.

    Started -rev. (Revolution Gaming) with a few buddies, we had a successful run in a CAL special tournament but iog cried in the semis like children when they lost 13-9 to us in the semis on Sandstorm and we had 1 pregame screenshot error that got us disqualified.

    Went to CPL and Mediocrity? Complained about our CSAR strategy when they shot the pilot and claimed "That wouldn't happen in real life." After watching like 30 demo replays, CAL Lewis and his 300lb self forced a map change to River Basin........... And that was the end of our CPL run, CAL fell apart within weeks of that tournament iirc.

    We lost some dead weight and created no urgency and were picked up and sponsored by Nerve Damage midway through a successful CAL season. Then short time after, real life became more interesting only including some late night post bar crawl drunken AA. Not to long later, AA devs shut down AA 2.8.5 auth servers to force a migration to AA3, effectively killing the AA community.

    Had a cool pandemic run in AA 2.5, some old CAL-M/I players got heavy into it for a bit but the "steady" community is not too kind to higher competition. You'll find yourself being kicked or banned if you're an above average player OR they'll just endlessly forceclass random weapons until you leave.

    Miss the game heavily though. Things I'd do to get that community going again and the money I'd pay to force a development of AA 2.9
  • =NOLB=Driver56=NOLB=Driver56 Posts: 4Player
    NOLB ( No one left behind ) of course :)

  • c5.sheer-c5.sheer- Posts: 2Player
    <-- Creator of Toxic clan in aa2.5, also played for -Rangers for sooo long.
  • Lothbrook_TreeLothbrook_Tree Posts: 2Player
    I remember iOg instruments of God, ST-6 Seal Team 6, NSA Nexus Software Army, ATP Anti Terrorist Platoon. I played and downloaded AA on PC the first day it came out and played from 02 to 07 and I miss that version so much. Weapons Cache, Pipeline, MOUT Mckenna, Insurgent Camp oh those were the days. And the training was amazing!
  • Lothbrook_TreeLothbrook_Tree Posts: 2Player
    oh the 75th Ranger Regiment
  • Dodge_thisDodge_this Posts: 20Player
    I ran Apex from about 2002-2006 or so.
  • [DFekt].L.D.50[DFekt].L.D.50 Posts: 37Player
    I was thinking I could quote LOTHTREE but it won't let me. I remember playing against ST-6 quite a bit and god the main player for their team got my BP rising when in public servers. Comp side they helped me become a better player but [TOS Violation] it was frustrating in servers with IC.
    Owner/Leader - DFekt Gaming
  • I remember a lot of italian and european clan... We were just more than 50 members...

  • we play AA2.5, every day are about 200 players in Dicord:


    Come and play with us
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    -[di]- deadly impact, [NNEX], -=NAM=-, NoD
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    I only remember the League/Guild I was in.

    -ni for short - NoObs Incorporated.
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