Stats Seems Completely Broken After Maintenance

MondaleMondale Posts: 4Player
It looks like you can no longer try to perform the challenges since none of the stats are not tracking since the latest maintenance.


  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
    Put in a support ticket:
    The more people that do, the quicker it gets looked at. =)
  • FoxInnitFoxInnit Posts: 2Player
    I experienced a similar issue. I just completed the Veteran Weapon Challenge for M249, but it didn't register. The skin for the weapon is still locked and kills are still at 238/250. It does look like the stats are completely frozen.
  • [soldier][soldier] Posts: 171Player
    We have tracked this down to one (very popular) server that is not reporting stats that you both played a lot of matches on. The server admin has been made aware of the problem and submitted a support ticket.
  • [soldier][soldier] Posts: 171Player
    The issue with the server that was failing to report stats has been resolved by reloading the server,
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