Servers laggy with 2 x gfx cards


I have an amd radeon 7670m and amd radeon 7500G in my hp m6 laptop and when playing on any aa server its laggy as anything and makes the game unplayable. Anyone got any idea how to fix this please?

Thank You



  • I forgot to mention im on windows 10 64 bit , AMD 6 CPU, 8GB Memory
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    only solution, change the laptop with a new one that has a gtx 1060 and an aggressive cpu.
  • First off AAPG doesn't support double GPU's, so it's not that. The game itself uses more CPU and then GPU actually so, switching just to one Nvidea GPU is enough. Yes, Nvidea, AMD GPU's are like trash bags on this game and makes the game horrible to play.

    And I do recommand to get some more ram, 8gb is just not going to cut it anymore.
  • Hi, even disabling one card makes it worse and causes the game to crash instead.
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    i'm trying to guess which one you have, but they all have slow processors and not enough dedicated memory w/ DDR3. maybe?
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    I consistently get 40+fps on an Optiplex from 2005.
    I run three screens for the game, and a 1080P projector.

    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, 2327 Mhz,
    Geforce GTX 660
    with 4GB of ram
    and a cheep SSD

    I haven't turned any settings down.

    It's not hardware intensive. That's all I can tell you.

    Start with task manager, it should be obvious if you are maxing your hardware or not.
    I'd bet it has more to do with steam or other apps on your pc.
    Server issues rarely relate to FPS or graphic performance.
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