my game just crashes as soon at it opens

i have a problem so basically when i get the launcher the thing that pop up before the game open it pops up and just break after the game when its supposed to work i tried reinstalling it


  • iDK.ArkeiroiDK.Arkeiro Posts: 775Player
    can you share a ss if possible?

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  • DistinctionDistinction Posts: 61Beta Tester
    Try opening the game again and taking a screenshot of the error (if there is one) that pops up. Couple things you could do before opening the game are; verifying game integrity with Steam, increasing your page file size, and restarting your computer after doing both of those things.

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  • Starshooter467Starshooter467 Posts: 5Player
    i verified alot of times but i have't tried icreasing my page file size because i don't know how to do that
  • Starshooter467Starshooter467 Posts: 5Player
    i also tried the solution the other guy used
  • I tried for hours to fix this on a friends computer, the only way i found that worked was reinstalling windows, my other friend had the same issue with Path of Exile and Counter Strike and he tried everything then reinstalled windows and it worked we guessed it was corrupt windows files.
    Fresh start never worked on there computer either so we definatly knew windows was corrupt and had to do a full reinstall.

    i guess if none of these guys can find a fix after posting your errors then try the reinstall.
  • Starshooter467Starshooter467 Posts: 5Player
    i just tried that it didn't work
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