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Good evening,

I am one of those who still remember the first versions of the AAO game. Unfortunately, after entering the PG version, my adventure with the game ended (despite several attempts to play the PG). Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I work a lot from home and started playing CoD Warzone, but it's not the same as good old aao2.5.

I am writing here because I wonder if there are any other players who would like to reactivate Assist2.5 with me or maybe producers would be willing to do a side project in the form of reactivating the old version of the game (2.8.5.)?

I am asking for feedback on this matter.

teamdfx; matti


  • OICURMT!OICURMT! Posts: 161Player
    Nope... we all have fond memories of AAO and wish AAPG had some (not all) of the nuances of AAO... but life moves on.

    In life, there is no respawn... why should there be in a game?
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    Was looking around, looks like there's an indie developer that's trying to essentially recreate AA2 on UE4. Worth keeping an eye on.
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    Been playing for a few weeks now and got some old guys back on as well. Seems like the community is slowly growing.

    I am a firm believer if the AA3 dev team didn't shut down the AA2 auth servers in a hail Mary forced migration to save their jobs, the game would still be alive and kicking.

    It would be nice if they fired up AA 2.8.5, I think it would do well. But in the meantime I'll help try and get 25assist more publicity

    Saw the armyops project gameplay. It looks exactly like AA3 mechanics
  • AvgusteAvguste Posts: 125Player
    You know, with AA devs having given up on AA2, it would be nice for them to give the Assist guys permission to fully advertise the game and get it on Steam as well.

    As far as the ArmyOps project, for a very, very early Alpha, not bad. We will see what the future holds

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