Dedicated Server Multiple Instances


I want to run multiple instances from the same ip.
At the moment i have 3 running but i can only get 2 at the time to show in the server browser.
I can connect to all 3 of them so they should work.

Command Line:
start AAGame.exe server BDX_Breach_EX /MULTIHOME= /NOPAUSE /NOHOMEDIR /CONFIGSUBDIR=AAHostAServerConfig-default -SAP=7787 -GSP=7778 -SQP=27015 /INST=1/voipport=8765

start AAGame.exe server FLO_InnerHospital_EX /GLOBAL MULTIHOME= /NOPAUSE /NOHOMEDIR /CONFIGSUBDIR=AAL -SAP=7787 -GSP=7778 -SQP=7788 /INST=2 /voipport=8766

start AAGame.exe server FLO_InnerHospital_EX /GLOBAL MULTIHOME= /NOPAUSE /NOHOMEDIR /CONFIGSUBDIR=sVs -SAP=7787 -GSP=7778 -SQP=7788 /INST=3 /voipport=8767

Does someone know exactly what SAP,GSP and SQP stand for or what they do cant find this on any post.


  • [SWISS]Merlin[SWISS]Merlin Posts: 172Player
    edited April 2020
    See below. For each server you need own defined ports for Game, Query, Auth, Steam and TS3.
  • [SWISS]Merlin[SWISS]Merlin Posts: 172Player
    SAP = Port for the Authorization
    GSP = Should be SGSP i guess and it stands for the port needed by game itself
    SQP = Port for Steam to communicate

    All those ports should be different to run the servers on multiple instances.
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