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Im back from a pretty long 4 years break.

since that i keep getting banned from private servers, with non called reason.

Is that a thing now? What is going wrong with aapg right now?
i mean.... that Community isnt that big. What does this guys thing who they are?

yeah... i know: "We pay, we make the rules" F*** y**!



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    Hi Zombi, the situation is this. Private servers have all the rights to ban any player from their server as they see fit. If your having a issue with this I strongly suggest that you get in contact with the server owners/ admins on their clan web or chat server and try to resolve the issue that way. Keep in mind that they are private servers and they pay for them and have all the rights to choose who they play with.

    You can also try Official servers. You will never get banned from a U.S. Official Server unless you do not follow the rules. You can find those in here.

    I am going to close this thread. Reason for this is because this topic has been discussed time and time again. If you look back you can see some comments others have left but trust me when I say it is always the same.

    Last thing I will say is that if you are interested you can always get a few friends together and use the host a server tool that has been provided or you can go to a 3rd party to rent a server of your own.

    Good luck & see you on the battle field.
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