Will you ever fix the "Ran out of video memory"-bug ?

DirtySharkDirtyShark Posts: 21Player
What a shame so often the game crash (most time on hospital) with the message "an out of video memory" .
VERY LAUGAHABLE !!!! I have win10 with 16 gig system ram and a gtx 1060 with 6 gig ram......so i have enough ram.
And i play all other games and have never had such problem. Only after a patch of Proving Grounds the problem exist.

And a lot of other player have the same problem (lol one guy i asked have 16 gig systwm ram with a 8 gig video-card).

And you do nothing to fix it !!!!! Any hope you will have fix this very heavy bug ??? An absolute gamebreaker when you have so many crashes and other guys with "NASA-PC" too


  • Bear_82Bear_82 Posts: 385Moderator
    You're not actually running out of video memory, the game is trying to access a portion of memory already in use by another application.
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  • V_NillaV_Nilla Posts: 96Developer
    We are actively working on a patch to get around this. B)
  • DirtySharkDirtyShark Posts: 21Player
    Lol but this bug exist for ca. a year or longer !!!! Hope for a fix very soon. It is a gamebreaker....very sh.. to have so often crashes that you must leave the game with the taskmanager.
  • We are actively working on a patch to get around this. B)

    Its happened 4 timers over the last 2 weeks, if its a problem from your end, its taking a while?
  • July2020July2020 Posts: 6Player
    Check the other thread:

    Regarding the "ran out of video memory": I played AA for 100 hours and have never seen this problem. Yesterday I overclocked the memory through the Bios (1.3 Mhz to 2.4 Mhz and my FPS ...
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