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Hello all. Dear mods, I'm a PS4 player that occasionally jumps on AA:PG after work or off days. I enjoy the game, and really don't care for no other shooters. The online experience is awesome.

That said, there's been certain instances of encounter with trolls. Just minimum trolling but irritating nonetheless. e.g., players that shoot you in the beginning of a round and are making players start battle with one less health shot disadvantage. And that can be crucial in this game between surviving a hail of bullets from the enemy or not. Also, on a different occasion there was a dude whose username I cannot recall but "he" was mad and wanted the Sniper & Marksman class and kept shooting such players using on the legs and/or moving in front of our scopes while in ADS. Very annoying but that's rare to see someone blocking your scope. So that's not too concerning. The getting shot by a friendly, just because, it's 2-3 a dozen, it happens and I wish there was some type of system to bust those punks.

However, none of that compares to the monstrous trolling me and many players have encountered in the PS4 community by this one person named [mod edit]. This guy totally ruins and sucks the great experience and competitiveness of this exciting video game. This last two weeks I've been playing I've had the unfortunate displeasure of having this individual on my team. When the round starts, he just stun frags his team. Every [TOS Violation] round. Nobody knows who's doing it until they get caught in the act. Tactical maps require timing, so in maps like Intercept, Springstreet, Hospital, Hydra, Uptown, just to name a few. this piece of shxt player will keep flashing us. So players slow down, turn around at the commence of the round to see who it is, therefore slowing us down and putting us at a great disadvantage. On the VIP scenario, he will follow them and impose movement on them and keep flashing the MF VIP. So teammates are made aware of that and start calling this player out through the mic but to no avail because this person never says a word. What happens next? Players start to bullet check [mod edit] and then this person will retaliate by busting a couple of caps with a handgun. And doesn't get kicked for such BS actions. By now he's totally taking away from his team winning the match and lastly if the opposing team is up "5" rounds, he will friendly-frag the team and takes 2-3 soldiers out, therefore pretty much giving the other team the game, from beginning to end.

The last time I've played with this person, he appeared in the game lobby and two players we're already calling him out even before I recognized the username. Never fails to troll. So that means this person is building a reputation for trolling in the PS4 AA:PG community and doesn't give a flying duck, because we players can't kick him or he hasn't been warned/punished by the game's moderation team. This person is toxic and plays with an agenda to ruin people having any fun on this fun game!

This should be looked into as this is not an isolated case, but a [TOS Violation] serious case of trolling. The username of the culprit is [mod edit] and hours of encounter at least for me has been after midnight through 6 am (eastern time).

Thanks for reading. cheers.

- CJ (V3N0M5X-)


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    You can always report players, but I understand your concern. The game simply doesn't have the code/AI to be able to point out when players are engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct.

    The game can't detect when a team mate is trapping/blocking you in a corner. Nor can it detect when a team mate (whether intentional or accidentally) runs in front of you when you are shooting. It cannot determine when whether or not someone intentionally meant to blow you up, or flash you.

    On PS4, you cannot even vote to kick players, so all that you really can do is leave, and report them later.
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    Just take the time to report them. I have figured out that you shouldnt rage quit if you want to report them or they wont end up on your players met. All you can do is report them in hopes that they get kicked off psn
    for a period and cant play
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