How to lose your eyes....

To to lose your eyes the way is simple: read the AAPG forum every day for at least a couple of hours. :)

Am I the only one who loses his eyes after ten minutes of reading dark gray text on a black background ??

But the forum creator ever reads it ???


  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 775Administrator
    I personally find it easy on my eyes. However I have a rare eye condition. My eyes are naturally pale blue but they change colour dep on the light and shade. I have to use a special shade of glasses out side so I can see past the rays from the sun.

    However I know that there are others that have the complete turn around from me. I think the fact are that it is hard to please everyone. Trying to please the majority is all anyone can do.
  • LWOF_BrOkenArrowLWOF_BrOkenArrow Posts: 365Player
    I think it's easy to read as well.
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  • [DFekt].Unyielding[DFekt].Unyielding Posts: 58Player
    Have never had problems reading these forums bud. Perhaps increase the brightness on your screen or have your eyes checked for astigmatism.
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  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,161Player
    Considering the lack of activity here these days, I don't think many people spend more than a few minutes unless they're typing out a post. Either way, I tend to prefer these darker color schemes.
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