Player banned and muted

Just asking how bans are dealt with and handed out on US army official servers,

i have heard a few stories about players being unfairly banned, muted and threatened by certain so called admins, i won't name names as of yet as i would like to know from the Dev's or who ever deals with the servers as a whole on how server bans are handled.

One of my team mates was having a few drinks and playing some Americas army, at some point in the night the team we were on was doing terribly (off in their own world) and my friend was getting abit tilted, he said a few bad comments that could be considered abit hateful.

alittle while after a few players that are known to have extra priviledges in the us army official server joined and Muted him with out reason, then later another player with priviledges banned him.

now i understand their are some rules in the server but these players that did this so bluntly have done this before for other reason that seem awfully unfair. (accused of hacking with no proof)
this player is a very competetive player and can get tilted at times when teams dont communicate together but he is far from a cheater.


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    There's more to it than you've indicated, whether your friend left it out or you did. Either way, if he wants to contest the actions taken, I recommend he files a support ticket. There won't be further discussion here.

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