Crash to restart

Over the last few days, since I updated my Mobo BIOS (ASRock AB350 Pro4, BIOS - 5.40), the game has started crashing. It freezes, then my PC does a full restart.

Anyway to prevent?


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    After bios update did you update graphic drivers .
  • Small-GodSmall-God Posts: 15Player
    I haven't updated the GPU driver for a couple months. Downloading now.
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    OK, so up to date GeForce driver, and still getting the same crash to restart at random points in-game.
  • ={101st}=Muzza455={101st}=Muzza455 Posts: 1,086Player
    run a temp check whilst game is open maybe cpu hitting high temp and pc cutting out . or bios update is unstable..
    just a thought .
  • Small-GodSmall-God Posts: 15Player
    Temps on CPU & GPU are fine and neither are anywhere near full load. It's only happening on AAPG. I've got DCS World, Escape from Tarkov, Arma3 and a couple other highly demanding titles with no issues at all.

    I'm going for a full delete/reinstall. Will update if there's any changes.
  • Small-GodSmall-God Posts: 15Player
    SO, a fresh install of the game has had no positive effect. Still crashing to PC restart via a freeze.
  • Small-GodSmall-God Posts: 15Player
    OK... Possibly fixed, got through an entire match!

    Was subscribed to a few UMMs through the BeerMe workshop... having unsubscribed from them it all appears to work properly.
  • Dct.F|LeventeDct.F|Levente Posts: 585Beta Tester
    Interesting. If it really was the fix, what was the cause? A corrupt shader cache?
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  • ={101st}=Muzza455={101st}=Muzza455 Posts: 1,086Player
    Or an outdated map that needes updating with an editor change ?
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    Ok, so wasn't fixed...

    I haven't palyed in a while and getting back in , full fresh re-install, no UMMs, nothing extra at all...

    and it locks up, stutters, then crashes to restart.

    I've also upgraded to a 5700XT in that time, full drivers cleanup etc... No idea what's going on here.

    Is there a RAM limitation or something?
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    logs attached
  • Small-GodSmall-God Posts: 15Player
    Nother crash, nother logs...
  • Small-GodSmall-God Posts: 15Player
    ahem more logs....

    Thought I'd fixed it. I added a HDD RAID0 some time ago with my steam games on. I moved AA back to my SSD and got through several hours of play without an issue. Then this morning 2 rounds in another crash. So, more logs.
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    also maybe worth pointing out that after a crash, my Server Browser settings are reset. So 'Official Servers Only' is back to [Any].
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    oof... logs
  • [KAOS]-Doc.Blade[KAOS]-Doc.Blade Posts: 31Beta Tester
    very strange that it is only happening in AA. Usually a crash just drops you back to desktop, not heard of anything dropping you out of game and restarting the computer at the same time. There was a little problem a couple of versions ago with a lockup that you could only get out of via a restart, but that wasnt a constant thing, and not everyone got it.

    With the server browser resetting, if the changes were only made that time when you were in, and game was not exited properly, that is the way it should act. If you exit the game properly, then it should write the settings to file, sort of thing, but if game crashes, the "file" does not get written to, so all settings are back to when you logged in the last time, sort of thing.

    I assume you have verified all the files?

    Do you have 2 screens? Might be worth having Task Manager open on second screen and seeing if anything peaks the CPU or RAM or Network, etc, then trying to disable whatever that was and keep trying AA, to see what happens.

    The fact that it is automatically restarting your computer when it crashes has me wondering if there is not a hardware issue, or conflict, that is triggered by AAPG somehow.

    Or have I mis-read what you said about the restart?
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    I've had TM open to look for spikes.... nothing there. Same with all the other monitoring tools I can get hold of.

    Everythings works perfectly, then it doesn't. All through Beta and since release I've never had any issues until this. Super weird.
  • [!ReDRuM!]DAMIAN[!ReDRuM!]DAMIAN Posts: 787Player
    I recommend a hardware check on your RAM, check if they get enough power and not to much power. It is interesting that it happens now, last patch gave us a memory leak in the game therefore my first thought went to a RAM issue because you also have an instant restart of your system which most of the time is an indication of hardware related problems.
  • Small-GodSmall-God Posts: 15Player
    Done a memcheck through windows, no errors.

    2 more crashes tonight. Most recent logs...

  • [!ReDRuM!]DAMIAN[!ReDRuM!]DAMIAN Posts: 787Player
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    All I can see from all the logs, it's a instant system shutdown. Which cut off the log's as well, so they won't tell you anything. You need to use Windows Event Viewer for this one.

    What CPU do you use, if you are using a AMD Ryzen some RAM chipsets don't work with these types of CPU's, specially the early version's, causing power and clock issue. It's what I first had, and it gave me the same shutdown at first, than it moved on to BSOD and Kernel32 errors :expressionless:

    I really do believe it's hardware related, even if other games do run good. Keep in mind that AAPG is heavy on the CPU and RAM, now specially with the leak.
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