How to get a self-made map on my own server online

Hi - I'm new to AAPG - but really like it.

I spend now about 50 hours to create a new custom map with the basic editor.

Currently - I can just play it myself in the editor ;-(

What is needed to get the custom map from my editor-workstation onto my AAPG server - both are windows systems.

I'm quite sure, there are a couple of file, that I need to copy from one system to an other.

Who can assist - any help is more than welcome.

PS: Once it is tested and working - I'm more that happy to share.

Thank you in advance


  • Vadder-BearVadder-Bear Posts: 29Player
    Hi - quick update.

    I followed the following guide and it looks like more than half f the way is done.

    My config file looks as below - so two custom maps has been added.

    Also these two maps has been downloaded to the default folder (see below).

    And now the small BUT - these two custom maps are not visible in the "overall" list (see below).

    What is the small missing trick to get these custom maps also in the "overall" list - so I can share and play. The one I added/missing is called "Urban Climb" and "Malaysian Airport VIP". But nothing under "U" or "M" in the list :-(

    Any help is more that welcome
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