2 issues, one old one new

Hi Guys,

First the new issue,
I have been playing for many years and have never encountered this problem until recently.
When I log into the game it's generally taking longer, sometimes a few seconds, sometimes several minutes, and if I recall correctly sometimes it fails altogether. Once I'm In, I connect to a server, and sometimes it immediately lets me join a team,and play uninterrupted, others it doesn't. I just keep clicking a side, and nothing happens. Then occasionally I am suddenly able. Sometimes I get kicked for 0 minutes. That happens many times before I make it onto a team, and sometimes after I have Joined. I am running Windows 7 64bit.

Once a certain amount of time has passed, maybe a minute, after I have joined a team, I am able to stay for the whole match, when it switches maps, it all resets, and I either make it in, or get kicked.
Occasionally when this happens, it lists my STEAM name as my player name on the score screen, but rarely

Now the old issue(less important, but maybe you can set me straight)
My login credentials for the game are never stored, even though I check both the boxes on the login screen, any ideas?
Thanks for your help



  • H.E.A.T.H.E.A.T. Posts: 206Player
    hi ther:)yes i can tell you your internet are slow and sometimes are my to slow but i just say to you at you should scan for virus on our computer i did have that sometimes when im on fb or other web then that CAN be slow down your aa.if you dont understand me hit me at the box and i will tell you more about this error.)
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 642Moderator
    I've only seen this one other time, I'm not even sure how I remembered it.

    Do you happen to use Comodo internet security? (May also happen with other software if they have similar detection.)

    Game takes a minute to respond to clicking on server, (or have to click multiple times)
    log file will show multiple ports being opened to the server

    a feature of comodo internet security...
    HIPS function.
    AAgame.exe must be added like an exclusion on Detect shellcode injections
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 642Moderator
    second issue.

    deselect both remember boxes
    play if you want
    exit game
    start game
    login (Do NOT select remember)
    play if you want
    exit game
    start game
    login, this time select both boxes if desired.
  • -syk.Dutch^-syk.Dutch^ Posts: 11Player
    edited September 2019
    Thanks, Heat, my internet isn't slow, it's quite fast(500mb service about 400 actual), also my pings are low.
    Thanks Herman, no Comodo, at least not lately, used it several years ago, but I'll have to check for remnants of it. I will try your technique to fix the Login issue
  • -syk.Dutch^-syk.Dutch^ Posts: 11Player
    Can I get some Dev input here? I already tried verifying the game cache, and have even completely reinstalled it, Deleting all remnants first
  • -[U|S|A]-Gorilla-[U|S|A]-Gorilla Posts: 758Administrator
    Have you tried to uninstall steam and reinstall it completely?
  • -syk.Dutch^-syk.Dutch^ Posts: 11Player
    Thanks for the input Gorilla. No I have not done that. What happens to my other games when I uninstall steam? I feel like it is some sort of port issue, but I have no idea where to start with that, as I know little about it, other than stuff I've read about general internet gaming connection issues in the past
  • -syk.Dutch^-syk.Dutch^ Posts: 11Player
    Another Symptom:
    When I login sometimes it sits for a couple minutes then fails. When I try again it immediately logs in, every time, after the initial failure. The Error is: Could not retrieve Soldier Data
  • -[U|S|A]-Gorilla-[U|S|A]-Gorilla Posts: 758Administrator
    All the games would need to be reinstalled after. I wonder have you checked with your network? Are you wireless? It does sound like a port issue but I am not as fam with them as others are. Also try talking to the devs directly here and if you can include a video of what is happening. https://www.americasarmy.com/support/game-technical
  • -syk.Dutch^-syk.Dutch^ Posts: 11Player
    Thank you Sir!
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