747 from R6 RS and Ground Branch (Not a Copy)

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Hi, i'm a long time AA player since the old one back in 2003-2004...

I decided since Insurgency:Sandstorm has no working editor, yet, i would like to get my skills ready for Unreal Engine mapping, nd while AA:PG is on Unreal 3, i know 1.0-2.x-UE3(UDK)-UE4 so i am flexing my skill here. Should be finished and published by end of next week, expect more cover objects like Humvees and custom-made wind-blast shields like concrete pylons:
[Deleted Video] See Below for Early Alpha footage, adaptation of R6 Rogue Spear and Ground Branch's 747 maps.


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    double post
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    Sorry for the inconvenience, the first video did not capture the Play In Editor footage, and was a bit earlier than i have now... i have now tested and uploaded semi-completed footage, Hard-Cover will be upgraded to be more dense, (the map is around 20,000 units long-ways, North to South, and East to West, so rock density will be increased and barriers will be hand-placed.) Also lighting is going to be enhanced, though the capture is more pixelated than in the Editor, and a Night Map will be released once spawns and obj's are valid and proven to be working, and some changes made to materials and door movers., LightToggleable's, etc. Terrain inside the Customs building in video is an easy fix, takes about 10 mins. to build lighting, so i am saving that ibutj have notes... Also, Jet models are about 2-3 times bigger than a Comm. Jet, ... and some smoothing errors around the cockpit windscreen still exist. Will be fixed before Release .

    Thank You to America's Army for making such excellent games over the years, and the modding communities that help too ;)
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    so its that yours Sandstorm??i dont get this??if you try to changes that map you are close away from be ban.dont changes that Sandstorm if that not yours.that who did that map will maybe be angry if that are not allow to change it.
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    I'm sorry i think i misunderstood, "Borrowing" players starts is one thing, i honestly didn't realize to mention i copied the ATV-type vehicles at first... (i did mention i created 90% of the assets, except vehicles (besides airbus jet) and foliage, couple minor Official props like soda machine , espresso machine, couch or two) because i figured it was a stock map, ie. AA:PG Official map, -=101st=- Muzza is a big advisor to me, but of course i didn't even realize i had subscribed to his map workshop in the past, so when i wiped my install and re-downloaded, Steam didn't notify me that i had subscription-added maps included with Editor DLC. Ty for the heads-up!

    I can build some lo-Poly Suburban SUV's to replace, and if anyone wants to use them assuming i release this map, i would simply like the credit mention on your workshop release page, that is all.

    I will ask Muzza when i can for permissions, i already sent him a build of the map, and assuming he created Sandstorm, he can give me an answer. But Good Call, i wouldn't want to rip someone's work, then also especially without asking, that's just bad-karma. I figured they were AA: PG models, i honestly didn't realize, thanks again.

    [edit] also, to be more precise, the only assets i copied from "Sandstorm" were the Military Ground-vehicles, player starts (which i had to figure out how to replace anyways, they just gave me a good idea of what they looked like when placed_ ) some AASpawnBarriers and a heightfog actor, some pylon actors and i deleted the pylons after Muzza told me they were just A.I. handlers, and i changed density of fog and color, so the rest of all of the map was my own creation, so i only have to swap out those Military Ground- vehicles. That infos is more precise and 100% true, didn't know they were Workshop items until you mentioned Sandstorm as being user-created. Sorry for the mix-up.

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    (Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, sorry if I do.)

    The AAPG official map Sandstorm is NOT user created. All assets are stock, you are free to use them.
    As Sandstorm was an AA2 map, there are some ports on the workshop, but I really doubt than an official map would use assets taken from a UMM.

    I don't know exactly what H.E.A.T is trying to say...
    Theory and reality are not that different. In theory.
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    Thank you, i've been playing more Online AA:PG and i seen multiple stock maps, using the SUV-type Armored Vehicles... Muzza's maps are the only maps i subscribed to,, he would've told me if i was using an asset he created, and even then i would simply ask.

    Ty again for clarifying Dct.F|Levente... i did see a stock Map with those vehicles.
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    Stock assets are free to use by anyone . Also stock maps are allowed to be modified (i have several modded stock maps) custom assets cannot be copied out and used by others . But if anyone asks me i send them the asset or guide them where to find good ones .
    I am tending to create my own small assets for the map i work on atm.
    Got some pretty neat storm shutters now .
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    Yup, uploaded Beta Version to Steam Workshop, most functions are working, some bugs, getting it ready for next weekend release Full Version:

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    Final Release of this type of map...i am thinking about Plan on R6 Siege to make a plane enterable...

    Once Again, i found some errors, all been smoothed out, new normlas maps, configured rocks fo rhard cover Jets are appritatel scaled. and the engine have fins:

    Map Steam Workshop Link:

    Map Editor and Play In Ediyor Marksman ACog+Binoc+NVG; 3 Obj's:
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    Updated the Video
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