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My voice chat isnt working, I do get the symbol by my name when i click j, ( which is what i set up team chat as), but nobody can hear me, what do I do?


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    Is your mic working outside the game? What did you set as input device in-game? If you use the default option, make sure your mic is selected as default (communication) device in windows. Did you try selecting your mic specifically in-game?
    I tried selecting my mic but then i didnt get the symbol, the default is the one that does what i stated above. My mic works for things like google voice search ad stuff.
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    Check your in game settings like, volume. If you're seeing the "Global" or "Alpha/Bravo" notifications on screen then your button settings are good. However, if no one can hear you then go through everything else. Check all the Windows settings like mute on/off as well as using the "test" function. But if Google voice search works then it should also work in game.
    If your using a headset that has it's own software do the same checks within it.
    Let us know what you discover.
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    the symbol is the mute key, can't mute yourself.


    have you checked your windows audio settings?

    Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Sound > Communications tab
    The Do Nothing button should be selected
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    After changing any settings in the audio panel, if your micropgohe does not show up when hitting the button , try turning the voip setting from on to off and back again. I know that for me EVERY SINGLE time i change ANYTHING in that particular panel, it disables my VOIP completely.
    Also make sure the microphone you are trying to use is set as the Default Microphone device under windows. Once you do that you can try using the "default" setting ingame. If that does not work set the setting ingame to whatever device it shows in the windows microphone settings panel.
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    Yes I can hear everyone during game play but nobody can hear me. How to set Audio settings?
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    Go to your sound setting on your PC. Test the mic to ensure that it is working before loading into the game. If it is fine on PC and not in game go threw the settings in sound. Make sure you don't have something disabled or turned all the way down in the sound settings. You can also try setting a new key for your push to talk. I use 1 for team and \ for global.
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