Workshop UMM Won't Download (UGC) to my Server

{IRISH}Maximus{IRISH}Maximus Posts: 46Player
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I have been having trouble getting several maps I made this week to download to my hosted AAPG server.

What am I doing wrong?
  1. I made a very simple test map with the Mission Editor
  2. Built it
  3. Published it to the Steam Workshop
  4. Made the map Public in the Steam Workshop
  5. Added the file id to my AASteamUGCManager.ini
  6. Restarted the server
  7. Waited a bit
  8. Restarted the server again

I get errors in the server log for flo_MaxTeaser (fileid=1745626893):
2019.05.19-02.36.32 [0009.97] SteamUGCManager: Getting file information for: 1745626893
2019.05.19-02.36.32 [0009.97] SteamUGCManager: USteamUGCManager::GetUGCItemState for 1745626893 is 8
2019.05.19-02.36.32 [0009.97] SteamUGCManager: USteamUGCManager::GetUGCItemInstallInfo for 1745626893
2019.05.19-02.36.33 [0010.73] SteamUGCManager: 1745626893 - flo_MaxTeaser
2019.05.19-02.36.33 [0011.06] SteamUGCManager: USteamUGCManager::OnDownloadItemResult Result Generic Failure. Id: 1745626893
2019.05.19-02.36.33 [0011.06] SteamUGCManager: There was an error downloading map no. 1745626893 General Failure

This is my AASteamUGCManager.ini

;    flo_MaxTeaser  

;    vacant night	FLO_vacant night$76561198096796482_c4

;    Toujane	FLO_Toujane$76561198066643153_ex

;    Villa	FLO_Villa$76561198013840783_Ex

;    Tangent	FLO_Tangent$76561198013840783_EX

;    nuke town	FLO_nuke town$76561198031959356_th

;   OGC4 	FLO_OGC4$76561197995560943_cu

;   UrbanAssault_Night 	FLO_UrbanAssault_Night$76561198013840783_TH





The other maps in the UGC file (the ones I didn't make) load and run fine on the server.


  • =[101st]=Muzza455=[101st]=Muzza455 Posts: 1,101Player
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    In the above ugc script . Your map has no id or map type reference . Ie . _c4 or _ex or other.
    If this is not correct in world info for your map it will not load or show in the server. And possibly not download either.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,616Beta Tester
    ^^ Yep. I agree. Looks like it didn't make it to Steam properly or get ID'd, or you didn't copy the ID from the Steam URL right.

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  • {IRISH}Maximus{IRISH}Maximus Posts: 46Player
    Thing is I used the mission editor and followed the steps in the guide ... isn't the publish script supposed to take care of that stuff for me?

    If not is there a checklist for setting up the world properties etc. ?

    I remember this being really easy :-)
  • =[101st]=Muzza455=[101st]=Muzza455 Posts: 1,101Player
    nope . you have to set mission type and all that in world info . also the correct file name must be used or will not function.
    if it is from the small editor some templates do not save correctly .
  • {IRISH}Maximus{IRISH}Maximus Posts: 46Player
    I spent some time digging through World Properties in .umap files comparing ones that work to the ones I built that don't work.

    It looks like the Publish to Steam Workshop changes the map filename from the name you initially got from the Mission Editor when you created the map.

    For example ... I created a new BDX map named Tester based on the Small map template using an Extraction (ex) mission type and the ME created a filename of bdx_Tester.umap ... when the Publish to Steam process was finished the resulting file is named bdx_Tester$00000000000000000_ex.umap (where the zeros are the author's steam-ID)

    The values of several items in the World Properties have the filename of the umap embedded in them ... is this what I need to fix up?

    Anything else?
  • =[101st]=Muzza455=[101st]=Muzza455 Posts: 1,101Player
    That is what you need to check .
    Make sure all are named correctly .
    Also when you scroll though the world info make sure you curser is not over any drop down sub menus . This is easily done and you coild inadvertantly change a setting without realising it .
  • (Beer_me)lobo(Beer_me)lobo Posts: 649Player
    we found when adding a new map ,when you restart the server you need to do at least 1 map change before the new map would show up in admin panel
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,616Beta Tester
    I solve that with TWO server restarts to download and populate the map.

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  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,514Player
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    To make 100% sure the map is on your server correctly you can manually upload it yourself go to your TCAdmin panel then find File Manager then go to AAPG/Binaries/Win32/steamapps/workshop/content then open the folder 203290 and upload your map there along with the metadata file.
    Remember to delete the one from steam first if its there.

    You can find the map to upload here
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\203290
  • {IRISH}Maximus{IRISH}Maximus Posts: 46Player
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    I'm still having trouble with this.

    First, let me reiterate that I am not very experienced with UE/UDK stuff but I can find my way around with a little help :-)

    So the problem is that I can subscribe to my newly made (in the last month) UMMs on the Workshop and the maps download and run fine from the Training menu in my AAPG client (on my PC) but I get this general error when UGC tries to download the same maps to my hosted server.
    2019.06.03-11.47.14 [0017.77] SteamUGCManager: USteamUGCManager::OnDownloadItemResult Result Generic Failure. Id: 1760052405
    2019.06.03-11.47.14 [0017.77] SteamUGCManager: There was an error downloading map no. 1760052405 General Failure

    So far I have tried:
    1. Publishing a simple map based on the bdx small c4 template
    2. Editing the World Properties in the Full Editor to fix up the file/package name (maybe I'm not doing this right?)
    3. Publishing from the Mission Editor
    4. Publishing from the Full Editor
    5. Loading the map & mapinfo directly onto the server with FTP
    6. Pissing on a spark plug
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    Item 6 is wrong . You need to be pissing in the tank lmao.
    On vacation atm . If still prob . When get back will check here.
  • {IRISH}Maximus{IRISH}Maximus Posts: 46Player
    yeah ... still a problem
  • (Beer_me)lobo(Beer_me)lobo Posts: 649Player
    i take it the map in question is in its own folder in your save file ?
    C:\Users\lobo\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Unpublished\CookedPC\Maps\MissionEditor\Saves\bog

    i have seen sometimes in the ugc folder maps upload into the wrong folders so worth checking

    also double check your id string in the ugc

    what is your map called ?,i will give it a quick look
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