Geting Kicked From PunkBuster

[BlackFire]MaxwellLP05[BlackFire]MaxwellLP05 Posts: 2Player
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hi im Max So i got a problem wehn i try to join a server i get kicked with the message PunkBuster kicked play [BlackFire] MaxwellLP05 [For 0 minutes] Restriction Service is tahta n bann or what is taht why it did bann me for no reson i just try to play this nice game and yea and when i joined a serevr im for aa second in the game and its say something abotu Name Stealing and name Spamming or idk but yea i didnt do anything so can you fix taht bug or unbann me

I got nwo a picture of teh kick message in a server its says
PunkBuster Client: WARNING PB Kicks For Name Spamming and Name Stealing and Non-standard Characters and Level 2 PB Restrictions on this Server
So i didint steal a name my First Player Name was [FisTk]or [FiStc] MaxwellLP05 than i changed it to [BlackFIre]MaxwellLP05 idk why its sayed i stealed a name and Name Spamming i didnt Spammed Names and Stealed one so yea


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