UMM maps Shader rebuilding issue

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Just wondering what we can do about the constant rebuilding of materials to the shader cache for each UMM map after every restart of a server , once you load up the maps on the server and play them its fine they switch over fast and efficient but if you restart the server they need to be re compiled in the shader cache for the materials for the maps again , which during the change over to a new map ( custom umm map) players will get kicked until the server has recompiled the shaders and materials for that map then its ok , until the server gets restarted then it must be done again ...this has to be an easy fix as the normal maps don't loose and information of materials for the cache each start .
So is there a way to make this stop happening , other than this isuue the UMM maps play fine in AAPG


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    Yeah, some Clans have a temp solution but I'd like to see a nice write up for a bug so the Devs can fix it. This used to work much better.

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    I was given a solution by ={101st}=Muzza455

    Find your .....C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\America's Army\AAPG\AAGame\CookedPC\LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk
    upload this file to your aagame\CookedPC folder in the server files
    restart the server and your good to go.
    This needs to be done if a map is updated too.
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    Heres the but .
    If you add another umm to your lineup . Repeat the same procedure after you have loaded and built your personal shader cache on your machine .this will not illiminate people building shaders themselves but it will reduce the amount of players who get a main menu kick instead of building shaders .
    So wished this wasnt an issue with the few players we have left playing aapg umms .
    But its worth it!
  • OutBack-JackOutBack-Jack Posts: 6Player
    thanks guys just dont have any LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk in the folder of my own AAPG game directories .C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\America's Army\AAPG\AAGame\CookedPC
  • =[101st]=Muzza455=[101st]=Muzza455 Posts: 1,101Player
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    I thought there was a way to script the server (PB maybe?) to visit every map and recompile the shaders?
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