Microphone not working..

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I have a Sennheiser PC 323D USB headset. In the game audio settings I have recording device set to 'default'. I did try to set it to 'Sennheiser 3D' but it puts it straight back to default when exit settings.

I have tested the mic in Windows 10 using the 'Listen to this device' setting and hear myself talking into it. It is also set as the default microphone in Windows.

Any help much appreciated its frustrating playing without a mic!


  • figarowfigarow Posts: 3Player
    No clues? It's working in Windows so I assume its an AA issue?
  • MewtwoMewtwo Posts: 307Player
    hi i can try to help you.i did have this errro to but i was in my HD sound and in ther you have equalizer.you need to maybe update your soundcard you will find your info at your pc whats your pc=your webb info and go ther and download that to your soundcard.and in that HD sound you will find settings at your mic.
  • figarowfigarow Posts: 3Player
    Got it working! There is a setting in Windows 'Allow apps to access your microphone' mine was set to 'off'. Cheers H.E.A.T for the reply.
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