CMH1 and CMH2

There have been a couple of players using some sort of assistance in CMH1 and CMH2. Before anyone says anything, I didn't take any videos and have no plans for that because that is not my thing but what I am hoping for is that either an admin of the officials or devs can start pro activity ghost spectating in the evenings. I will not name any names but I have ran across 2 very easy to detect cheaters and it is ruining the fun.

Also why do these servers not have PB enabled not that it would help but it is better than nothing or can we get some sort of anticheat if none of the AAPG devs are willing to take time to keep their games clean of cheats. I am tired of having to resort to flashing them just to make their game time as miserable as they make everyone else.



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    You can fill out info on players that you think are hacking with any details involved (regular players and time of day or videos and players names.

    Also as for the servers without PB you can go here and report it however I can confirm because I reported it myself. The Dev do know about the servers without PB as for their reason for this I am unaware however it has be noted. Thank you for your concerns and activity in caring for the community.

    I will close this thread so that it does not feed into another discussion to talk about or name cheaters. For all that are reading if you come across a hacker/ cheater please fill out a report and give as much details as possible. This may include untampered videos.
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