AACL Season 1 Kicks off Tonight, 9:30 PM Eastern Time!

We would like to let the community know that America's Army Competitive Leagues Season 1 game opener is tonight March 8th, 2019 at 9:30 PM Eastern Time!


Since we first announced the launch of AACL a little over a month ago we have been busy taking in applications for teams, and at the same time making plans for the next Season where we will be having multiple brackets, for PC we will have, so far, North American and EU regions, also AAPG PS4 players will be able to sign up for a league within AACL. We are looking for PC players who are active Army or Reserve personnel who want to form a team for the Army's eSports program, also if you are a PS4 player and are familiar with AAPG comp on PS4, we are looking for someone to help manage that end, you can get more info by contacting either John-Abel or tigerlily in the AACL discord. Our goal remains to have comp across all regions and platforms offered in AAPG.

Information for all of this is readily available on the AACL Website and Discord, links below.

However, right now get geared up for an exciting Season 1. We have 10 teams competing in the North American bracket, and it will be live streamed on Twitch! So come hang out in the Twitch channel and watch the match tonight with the rest of us!! Also join our Discord if you have not already to keep up with all that is going on!! Full bracket can be seen on the AACL website.

Teams for Season 1 PC-North America,


Good Luck to all teams, and thanks for participating in Season 1 of AACL!! HOOAH Game On!

All matches, including tonight, can be seen live, with a 2 minute delay here,

AACL Twitch Live Feed



The following links will help you find the right place to go!! See ya there!

AACL Website

AACL Discord

US Army eSports Team Application
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