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RZIntegraRZIntegra Posts: 47Player
First time trying to login since before the Update, The game loads to the login screen and after typing my password and selecting Login the Loading message turns for about 2 minutes then the following error shows up.
Any ideas?


  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    you aren't connecting to the auth server

    since this is the only message today, i'm guessing that the new exe version is blocked by your firewall
  • L.LovettL.Lovett Posts: 87Player
    POTATO.RZintegra2.0 i can say 100% at you have virus becouse i did have it before and when i reinstall windows then i can login at the game and allso you need to look if you have the virus at steam >:) when i scan my pc in the steams folder i did have virus but i guess at that was other games??

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  • RZIntegraRZIntegra Posts: 47Player
    Thanks guys, I found the problem and i was able to login last night.
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