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NOTE~ I play on PS4 So if this feature is already on PC then just let me know, but I would like some feedback on this idea. I have had it for a while and I've been telling people all over about it when I play online because man I think this is seriously needed.~

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED~ or come back up to read =]
As far as button mapping goes, in case all of the other buttons on the controller are already assigned other functions, I dont think swiping left down or right on your touch pad do anything at the moment, similar to swiping up on your touchpad to make an audible hooah. ALSO I am pretty sure all of these can function on the same button except for possibly the last two which is why I put them as optional because they are not as important. The last two concepts can be omitted especially if it becomes too difficult to code or for devs to work in.
But the only conflict I can think of is if you are looking at an enemy grenade while also pulling out your own grenade.... Which option would the button perform at that point... There is not a whole lot wrong with the current grenade system so I'm not complaining. Please read on in order to understand what I'm talking about. But do note the first three concepts are badly needed.

Man I'm telling you they need to add a Heck Nope button...
I can think of three scenarios it would help out right off the bat...

~The revive

When you're being revived and you know it's bad. for example if there's a live grenade next to your body as you're being revived... You tap the Heck Nope button and it just slaps the dudes hands away from you so you don't get revived... and you continue to bleed, now tell that fool Heck Nope...

~ the choke out

When you're choking somebody out and you've realized it was a bad decision or bad timing because he has friendly's around him or a nade lands nearby or whatever. Instead of being forced to commit to the choke, and just getting shot while trying to choke out this dude. Tap the Heck Nope button and push him away. He gets to live and you get to make better choices. Tell that dude Heck Nope...


When you've accidentally begun to climb or pole vault over a barrier...
If the only thing on the other side of the barrier is a drop to your death, or you know you will be put out into the open and exposed.... tap the Heck Nope button fast enough before you fully commit to dropping over the other side and instead drop back down safely on your side. Tell that wall Heck Nope...

BONUS *Optional/unnecessary*


You can make the Heck Nope button be used for picking up & throwing back or kicking grenades... The key would be you have to be LOOKING AT the grenade when you tap the Heck Nope button...
You can't just Spam the button every time you hear a grenade land...
You got to find that thing..
Then tell that grenade Heck Nope...


~Nade pin

Now IDK how it works on PC, but I'm on PS4 & "AS FAR AS I KNOW" The moment you hit your grenade button that grenade is coming out and the pin WILL be pulled, whether you decide to cook it or not is up to you... The Heck Nope button could be used to put your grenade away if you manage to tap the button before the animation completes pulling the PIN out of said nade. Tell your nade pin Heck Nope...

I think you get it by now lol. It is used as a bail of sorts. IDK, what do you guys think¿?

& Please, Let me know if you come up with any other ideas or concepts the "HECK NOPE" button may be used for. I'm curious to see what other players have struggled with when it comes to commitments you wish you could get out of once they've been initiated in game lol

~I have edited the original text for this post so as to take out any explicit/offensive language. I still have my original draft saved to my phone =]
Add the button?
  1. Add the button?3 votes
    1. NO
    2. Yes
    3. Yes but without grenade interactions
    4. Yes but only for revive denial & choke cancel
    5. Yes but only for denying revives


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