Shader Cache..

*Hook**Hook* Posts: 1Player
Please help, 9 out 10 maps that I try to join do this STUPID rebuild. Most of the time I get an error that I have to ok, then the other percent the game just crashes... By the time I get into a map the game is in the 4th round and the server is full. Getting tired of this bug.. WHAT IS BEING DONE TO RESOLVE THIS???

Please let me know what I can do....


  • L0rdDamianL0rdDamian Posts: 713Player
    Does this also happen with official maps, or only UM maps?
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,594Beta Tester
    This is a known issue with User Made Maps and I have to be honest, it's changed so many times I can't even tell which way it's SUPPOSED to work!! :(

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