Maps New 2018? any coming out

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Well 2-3x the size of the maps so the sniper can use the rifle for real over 500m shoots from middle map out, more levels then 3 inside one like a hospital(university ground -or- academy -or- apartment blocks Russia, Prague, Amsterdam style -or- the mountain of Switzerland), what about rain and snow (like sandstorm)
New maps needed--2019
  1. New maps needed--20198 votes
    1. Seasons, lighting(snow, rain, morning to day light)
    2. Bigger maps 2-3x
    3. All of the above


  • SiNsOfThEDeViLSiNsOfThEDeViL Posts: 106Player
    It would be cool. I miss Border Clash from 2.5

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    I doubt you will see 3+ levels or bigger maps in AAPG. These items take more time (over the 4 minute max.) and greater data through put. These are two of the biggest limiting factors that to my knowledge will not change in AAPG. The following 400 meter head shot video was recorded on a User Made Map named, All Terrain. It was one of the winning entries in the Great Outdoors Map Competition. The Dev's had to resize and change a lot of the visuals so it would fit within the AAPG gaming framework. They renamed the map Rocky Road.
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    Super long range maps never play well anyway. Just ends up being a sniper fest and if you dont' have a sniper you're a sitting duck. Either that or you get SF Recon which was probably the most hated map in AA history.
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    I remember SF_Recon, loved it as I loved all the maps. Main problem in aa2 and also a big pluss was that the game had 200000+ players at a time in the start, when players started dropping out and soon after you had 30+ maps to select from, most stayed with only a few, and the most popular of the few are still here in AAPG.

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