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    Hi everyone , I thought I would post an upate to my condition , now that I saw the Pulmonary Specialist yesterday. It seems that my lungs are working at about 30% of what is normal. I will now enroll into a Pulmonary Rehab program which should yield some improvement with time and therapy. It seems that the minimum time involved will be like 3 months before we review it again.
    They adjusted a few of my meds which now include a steriod to promte stronger lung function and different inhaler. I applied for Disability this week as well , unfortunately they say that process can take up to 120 days to approve.
    I'm just gonna cut to the chase here, cause most of you guys know me and if you do not then you can ask anyone. It is not my way to ask for help , but I'm seriously in a bind.
    I have no choice except to post my fundraiser here again in hopes that some of you can give a guy a hand in a bad time. So I hope no one here thinks bad about me for doing it but I am posting my GoFundMe link below.
    Please donate to it even if its just a couple bucks or even a dollar. I'm sorry to post this again , but I'm stuck fella's. Thanks to everyone for indulging me.


    Thanks , Rich . (Beer_Me)Roach
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    See latest update below

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    Hi everyone , I'm gonna post another update to my medical situation here for anyone who might be interested.
    I've been doing my Pulmonary rehab for awhile now and it seems alot slower recovery than I thought , well lets say challenging to be honest. It looks like my condition is fairly bad for the moment . I have had a couple lung infections along the way so that does'nt help at all.
    I find my self with very limited ability to do any work and of course this brings me to my fundraiser I hope you will indulge me.

    Please consider this for a minute,, I am asking folks to donate $5.00 Dollars if you would. Lets be honest , most of us normally spend more than that on lottery tickets. So I'm asking you to gamble 5 bucks to help a guy out of a jam . I'm sure I could verify my condition if needed but I am asking for help just a little help thats all most of you know me and I would'nt be doing this if I had other options.

    Please consider that your donation will in fact make the difference for a family to pay the rent this month, So if there is anyone there that can find it in your heart to donate 5 dollars it may add up to enought to get us thru the month .
    I'm sure you can imagine how hard it is to deal with all of the things that are associated with failing health.
    In my particular case I have a chance to recover at least partially and maybe enough to return to work at some point. So if you can find a way to help please do.


    For paypal use - f_roxann@hotmail.com

    Thanks Rich
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