Americas Army Game sharing information?



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    All the details were probably listed in the fine print most of us don't read when we(y'all) agreed to their terms of use and privacy statements.

    I personally don't care though, I don't even use social media.
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    That doesn't make sense. Full access without court order?? What keywords can I search to pull that up? That's cray!!! :o

    Intelligence and Security Services Act (WIV)

    Europe and their politicians, fake security and power fights to get more voters.

    I know FB did many shady things as the company they are. I "deleted" my real profile there one or two years ago. Since moved, got a new IP, new hardware and different emails, yes, pleral. Not because of fb itself, just other reasons.

    But what is most importaint I suppose, is that ppl are aware that their identity and information, willingly or unvillingly appears to be shared either way.

    I allready knew that before tho and was not born yesterday. I still got to scratch my head when AA players started popping up as friendsuggestions on my fake profile.

    Noticed this social media being more agressive towards me to start adding friends and information since this account is close to blank, and empty. If they really have sunk that low to do IP Logging/tracing to find my friends, then I was really not wrong by leaving them in the first place.

    But have narrowed down the possible leak areas now tho, from what most probably agree on.
    -3rd party server hosters
    -Plausable IP logging/tracing

    I just tested the forums here, somehow there are 8 ads blocked from this website with my adblocker, but when I disable the adblocker I don't see any ads here. Its magic! They also use Google API's and Google-Analystics on this forum so google sees your activities here, probably sells that data so FB only has to match all player IP's from this forum to their users on FB that's how to match you with other players on there.

    You can block the Google-Analystics with "NoScript", I did.. But don't block the Google API's, their ajax API is being used to support this forum options.
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    Yeh that could be true also, but even if they did track my activity here, it does not link to my .fb account, different email, and different pc like a test tube of viral viruses :)
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