Game crashes/freezes

Hey all,

I'm starting this thread on behalf of my friend. He loves playing this game, and use to play it alot until he got this problem. Which is strange, because it use to work once upon a time, and then outta no where... his game crashes or has these freezes after about 30mins of ganeplay. When these crashes occur, his game freezes, and then he gets the blue screen of death. After blue screen, it eventually restarts his comp and brings him to the crash recovery screen where u can start the computer in Safe mode, etc.

It makes me think its a hardware problem. But how come the game use to work no problem, and now it doesnt wanna play ball? We've tried a few things. Verifying his files through steam. That didnt work. We tried upgrading his graphics drivers. That didnt work. Im not sure what else to do?

Is there a program we could install that would help detect the exact problem? Or is there any advice u could recommend? Steps we could follow? And if u need to know the specs of his computer, i can round that up for u too if that helps.

Any help would be much appreciated.



  • SeVn.MaxSeVn.Max Posts: 237Player
    the blue screen, in most cases, is a hardware error. Check the temperatures of: motherboard, cpu and graphics card during the game. If the problem persists, motherboard or graphics card are the main suspects.
    PS: There are Stress Test programs for various components of the PC, a further test you can do with these.
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 652Moderator
    there's also a code on that blue screen that gives you a hint as to where to start
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 169Player
    Applications such as blue_screen_viewer may help narrowing it down.
    If you aren't "into" computers I would post on a pc tech forum and supply them with the logs they need.
  • H.E.A.T.H.E.A.T. Posts: 216Player
    Hi i think that are in memory try to take out one of time and if that not working then i admit at SeVn.Max have point at the can have virus in your memory.and that why you have bluescreen.
    You might be better off resetting your computer using recovery methods, (you can choose to fully reset it or just reset it keeping personal files), this worked for me.
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