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  • RZIntegraRZIntegra Posts: 47Player
    Is False the default setting or someone changed it on the official Army servers like CMH1 and 2
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 170Player
    The update that shows locations on overhead map was stupid anyway, now you have to actually listen on some servers.
  • RZIntegraRZIntegra Posts: 47Player
    Drawn wrote: »
    The update that shows locations on overhead map was stupid anyway, now you have to actually listen on some servers.

    You should have been listening from the begging anyways. The opforce locations on the minimap has been in the game since Beta. What may be stupid to you may actually be additional information for players that use as much information as possible before making a decision.
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 170Player
    edited November 2018
    Not sure if theres an inbetween.
    Mini map + overhead map locations or none. I dont want to be able to pin point the location of a far away sniper/anyone with 1 button press.
    So I liked the odd setting.
    No locations is not a default setting, like you apparently know already.

    Overhead locations was added with insurgentcamp/sandstorm release.
  • Hey.I.Have.A.GunHey.I.Have.A.Gun Posts: 645Player
    Do you have damage numbers and dropoff over distance for the SCAR?

    Pretty sure it's higher damage but much faster falloff

    @aaHollywood Any chance of getting the actual numbers? At the very least the base damage numbers inside 20 meters?

    I wouldn't say no if you wanted to offer more details like what's included in those charts, though. :-D
  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    Now that is has been over a couple of month. Could we get an update with the achievements for the new weapon?

    As this is the only "objective" in this game, it would be nice for the longevity of the game...
  • jgvn11jgvn11 Posts: 92Marine Corp Active Duty

    That's a lot easier to answer -- we've had an internal network down (well, blocked technically, but that's a different gov conversation) that hasn't even let us push builds to Tear and the guys. For instance, we've had the shoothouse fixed here for over a month and no way to deploy it. Part of it is I get frustrated too, I apologize.

    You can find me on any of these platforms and ask me anything. It's not a secretive thing, it's either I don't know why on a lot of those decisions or nobody's asked.

    And no I have no idea why they chose the maps they did for RPG's or what they were supposed to accomplish. I personally think they're hilarious but I'm also just a filthy casual.

    Priorities right now shouldn't be a surprise -- a new map is in testing (not Pipeline but also Pipeline in FY19), eSports support (such as a working LAN mode and better streaming support), and open stats support (which you're seeing used by ACI's site and BGG's upcoming mobile app). For PS4 there's also more private lobby support (for eSports and tourneys/leagues), public matchmaking improvements (to balance teams and stop splitting parties), and more maps converted from PC.

    But those are just priorities, those aren't actual features or fixes.

    Also we're trying to start AAV development at the same time lol... and we haven't even gotten anyone hired yet.

  • aaHollywoodaaHollywood Posts: 372Player
    Hey I was just going to post that! :p
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Player
    LOL. Yeah except it's still in the wrong place. I know.....I'm picky.... :p

    IMO this should be a community announcement for Dec 18, 2018, not an addendum to October! :)

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
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