Hi all yesterday i was in usa server and hear at you can stream to other account so they can play whit one account?? but they said at they was in one account??but that was two in one account but not same ip adress??and allso in usa server was so laggy and thats why i kill my team 2 times in raw:(but i walk to jail but i see other at they never walk to jail when they kill other at teams??


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    If it's the server I'm thinking of, the laggy feeling could be because you're from Sweden and playing in a Chicago (Midwest US) server.

    Here's a Dev explanation from when they made ROE changes:
    CaterP wrote: ยป
    A detailed explanation of the ROE changes:

    ROE is now based on the number of hits rather than damage

    Four hits with any non-grenade weapon is an ROE violation; the number of hits do not decay (thus if you shoot a guy in round 1, another in round 3 and then two more in round 7 you will earn an ROE violation).
    • First ROE violation you are removed from the round (essentially killed)
    • Second ROE violation you are kicked to Leavenworth
    • If you get an ROE violation in the first ten seconds of a round it counts as a double violation resulting in an immediate trip to Leavenworth

    Additionally, friendly fire damage is scaled based on the victim's health such that it is impossible to kill a teammate with weapon damage. If the victim is above 25 health, the friendly fire damage deals 0.2 of normal (a 60 point shot would deal 12 damage). If the victim is below 25 health then all damage is reduced to one (deals a single point of damage). If the victim is at 1 health then friendly fire deals zero damage, however all the usual hit reactions occur (screen reddening, audio, etc.)

    The old server setting, FriendlyFireLimit, has been removed, replaced with FriendlyFireHitLimit, which defaults to 4.

    Grenades are unchanged; the first grenade kill is allowed, all others are violation (a grenade kill in the first ten seconds of a round is a double violation).
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