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    To be fair, I don't think that the full editor is all that bastardized. I think it's pretty much the full UDK editor with AAPG assets baked in. Of course one negative result of that is that it's missing the standard Unreal assets, which would have been nice to include.

    If possible in AAV I'd hope that they'd just release the full editor with some of the features that the Basic Editor has; namely being able to start your map with a template landscape and objective setup.
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    I would also love to have the ability in any new build to create more variety in our gaming playespace. for a lot of us its a must . Especialy when some of us are pushing the limit of what the editor can do. For those thinking that content was removed from ue3 to control what you can or cant do. The game is only coded to a certain level of character manouverability . So certain things that were there was removed i would think to stop any further bugs being introduced into the game .
  • Yes, u need to download 50 maps to play in a umm server, but only the first time will take that long, later they add 2-3 maps whitch u can download is minutes and have a variety of playgrounds. The other thing, almost every server has its maps the clan members likes to play, 4-5 maps and for me its boring to play always the same maps. Even if this editor would be like it was in the beginning... my basic edi isnt working for years now, being able to start your map with a template landscape and objective setup could make our work much easier and faster. I just hope the new aa game will have Editor too :)
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    UE4 represents an advance for the creators of content and an opportunity to explore new scenarios, if coupled with AA that would be bad ---- GO :) AA5

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    I notice that Squad, a competing title, has the Squad Development Kit in UE4 and they've somehow managed to make it work. It's actually listed right there in the Epic Games Launcher under "Modding"

    I'd like to know how they've done it so we can learn from it.

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    I AM IN LET ME KNOW WHEN AA5 comes with editor :)
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