Sinners and Saints recruiting [PS4]

Hello S+S is a previous competitive socom clan with a few members still active. With the new private lobbies we are looking to get back into active tournament play. We are a 18+ only clan and will only accept memebers who can uphold a mature attitude when the time calls for it. My psn is CarlosHathcok please add me if interested.


  • DJHaoleDJHaole Posts: 76Player
    This is a long time Clan at Urgent Fury dating all the way back to Socom. I highly recommend this group of fine gentlemen (well most of them) LOL
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  • VenemuhVenemuh Posts: 1Player
    I'll tryout
  • CarlosHathcokCarlosHathcok Posts: 27Player
    Add me CarlosHathcok and join our party chat we generally have someone on every night
  • Wiseguy21Wiseguy21 Posts: 18Player
    I sent a request.
  • CarlosHathcokCarlosHathcok Posts: 27Player
    Still looking for members if youd like to join add CarlosHathcok to your friends list and feel free to jump in the party chat when im on
  • CarlosHathcokCarlosHathcok Posts: 27Player
    S+S still recruiting please add me CarlosHathcok and message me if interested
  • Un4sacenUn4sacen Posts: 2Player
    Are u guys still looking for more teamates i would like to try out.
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