North American Competitive League for PC! NACL

[Ref]Skuzzy[Ref]Skuzzy Posts: 6Player
Good afternoon everyone,

If you've been wanting to play in a professional, clean and thoroughly managed Competitive League and you have a solid 5-man team, we encourage you to apply for Season 1 of NACL.

NACL is of course for North American players only, and every team must request an application on our website, then wait for their backgrounds to process. We encourage ANYONE, and EVERYONE to apply, you can make up any team you want to be as long as you have 5 people with clean records.

(The background check is as deep as it goes, and anyone with any negatively associated accounts will be barred from participating)

Check out the website for every bit of detail, make sure you check out the News and our Social page for the official discord link.

Open registration closes October 31st, 2018! Teams are already applying :)

Thanks guys!


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