Can't hear anyone when joining public lobby

Ix-M0NTANA-xIIx-M0NTANA-xI Posts: 98Player
Any suggestions?

Most of the time I can not hear people but they can hear me.


  • CorrektdCorrektd Posts: 61Player
    Never had this issue, but I would make sure you aren't sitting in a PS Voice Party. I know sometimes I forget. Lol. PS will prioritize your PS Voice Party over in-game voice.
  • Ix-M0NTANA-xIIx-M0NTANA-xI Posts: 98Player
    I know the difference. Some rooms I hear people and some I do not. They all hear me. Mic is playstation gold, new.
  • KartiganKartigan Posts: 84Developer
    Make sure your voice playback volume in the audio settings is not set to zero. There's a bug on our list where setting the audio settings to defaults sets the voice playback volume to zero.
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