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I've started hosting my own AAPG server. I bought it from so i dont need to worrie about the hardware. I have this project to collect data and make Highscore list from my server and i was wondering if there is possibility to gather player data from server? I would like to get data from each match, round and player. Data like, player name, kills, deaths, assists etc. I asked from and they recommended to ask from devs.

So, any ideas?


  • RollingInTheHurtRollingInTheHurt Posts: 200Player for the basic stuff. for the more player specific stuff that will require a website scraper.
    Sadly AAPG does not have any XML/JSON/RSS feeds of server stats or player account data.
  • Rihhard-Rihhard- Posts: 6Player
    So, if i understood right, all i can get is what is getting from the server? Which means, only player names, score and duration?

    Any ideas, is there a way to program something that collects info from server? So i could get more specific data about players. And i was curious about these .gamestat files? What are they for?
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    That's correct.
    The only details you can query from the AAPG server using the Steam query data is:
    - Server Name.
    - IP Address.
    - Game.
    - Map.
    - Player Slots.
    - Server Latency.
    - Player Name.
    - Player Score.
    - Player Time on Server.

    If your looking for a GameTracker clone you can investigate it here:

    If you are wanting to get player specific data you will need to use a website scraping script (in the programming language of your choice) that rips the page data from and compiles the data arrays into whatever you project requires.

    I do hope AA5 has an API for both server and player data. It would make things so much easier.
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    Alrighty, thanks for your info.

    Well that website scraping doesnt help me, because it shows all games together. So i guess my only chance at the moment is to do it manually with demorec files. In the end its good exercise for my programming skills.
  • RollingInTheHurtRollingInTheHurt Posts: 200Player
    An AA Dev recently said that an API for game data will be coming in the near future.
    Yeah I have a couple conversations open with some data/database guys from the forums here and the outside world to make sure we get them what they want for all that stuff. It won't be this update but I'm penciling it in for the next one. From our pov, with adding private lobbies and clan tags, getting those stats out becomes highest priority for a true competitive mode.
  • Rihhard-Rihhard- Posts: 6Player
    Sounds like a very promising news for my project. Thanks for digging that info out.
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