Ping Limit set on 1 of the CMH servers

Any chance you guys will agree to applying a ping limit to 1 official server. Now that there are 2 CMH1 and CMH2 can one of them be set with a 200 or less ping limit?


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    AAPG sadly has no server side high pink kicking feature.
    AA Management in all their infinite wisdom many moons ago decided that the propagation of light in a fibre optic subsea cable no longer impacts AAPG, along with the need to identify high latency users by ping in the scoreboard.
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    RITH your ongoing love for our decision making progress warms my heart :awesome:

    But no we dont have a pink kick feature.
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    As someone who spent a fairly long time running servers, I usually found that only once players got over 250-260ms ping was it noticeable to anyone. There are so many variables involved in this again it makes it hard to implement something that everyone finds reasonable.

    You ask a lot of us Aussies who play on american servers and a lot of us will tell you that there is a pretty sweet spot between about 200-230ms as long as the server is on the west coast and hosted somewhere decent. I know some of us struggle going back and playing on the local servers because of this.

    I think the official line has always been that the official servers are open to all players regardless of their location, and if you want an enforced ping limit then the tools are provided to run your own server.

    I was never a fan of it been removed from the scoreboard for everyone. I know as an admin we get to see all players pings but even that has it's problems. Would be nice if the devs could look at a couple of things related to this though that might be quite simple fixes -

    1) Have the ping update even if a player is downed or dead - currently it stops as soon as a player goes down and doesn't update. This is rather annoying as an admin, especially if someone has a lag spike for some reason then you decide to kick them, but it was only a spike. People tend to get a little upset by this.
    2) Get rid of the 4ms increments and show the actual ping. Was this done for a particular reason? Maybe it's just my OCD but [TOS Violation] it bugs the [TOS Violation] out of me!
    3) Add a feature that allows server admins to set a ping limit for their own servers - maybe worked out over an average of maybe 120 seconds. Admins like to play too.. gets tedious having to be onto it all the time.

    My 2 cents for anyone that's listening...
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