What is biggest difference of PS4 version of AAPG and PC versoin of AAPG?



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    Suade wrote: »
    I don't believe this is a PS4 limitation, though a programmer may have other thoughts. We felt console players would both prefer and expect to be able to hit a single button and be placed in a match as quickly as possible. Mainly because that is how most other console games work. This also allows our matchmaking systems to keep servers as full as possible so the party doesn't stop if a few players start to leave!

    We have no plans to bring lobbies back at this time, though we are certainly open to feedback on how the current system is working for you.

    Well tbh, I still have issues joining rooms.

    Always wants to put me in a room that's full and I get booted back to the main menu.

    Kind of counter productive if you want to be put into a match a quickly as possible.

    Plus what I commented before..not sure if you all agree or not but matchmaking can never allow for a true competitive atmosphere.

    Maybe most console players prefer casual but I know many want competitive.

    ^ THIS!

    I only recently started playing on ps4. I really wish I could get another squad to play against. It's always US VS randoms. I wish it had vote to kick at least so we could take over a lobby LOL. ALSO. put lean on L3 already, wtf
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    Sorry to necro an old thread, but I recently started playing this on PS4 and a Google search sent me here...
    Shakey. wrote: »
    regarding leaning, i do miss it and it has been an AA staple since the beginning of time but I can't imagine an effective way to incorporate it within the ps4 controls.

    We tried it during development and it just felt really clunky to use for most people. It also made some other controls more cumbersome because we had to juggle key bindings around some to make everything fit.

    Couldn't this effect be achieved by utilizing the Controllers built in tilt sensors? Tilt left/right for lean?
    Keebler750 wrote: »
    ... but it is used to be almost invisible while peeking corners under certain circumstances. ...

    Your complaint is that the function works exactly as intended?
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