My support ticket is not getting answered!

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I was trying to log into my account on AAPG and it popped up a message saying: "your account has be disabled or marked inactive" so i sent in a support ticket on the website and the thing emailed me back immediately saying that they had received my support ticket. This first ticket was sent in on Friday May 25th, then i sent in another under a different category on Wednesday May 30th, still no response so i decided to send another in on Monday June 4th. None of these have been answered so i thought that something was wrong since they never even sent back a real email like someone had checked into the situation. My account was SUPER_SALTY and I was an SMA and I had been on that account and playing just a few days before so I wasn't inactive.


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    That makes sense. It's taking too long for them to get to your ticket. Let's make a few more tickets on the same issue to slow them down.
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    Well I thought i put the first ticket in the wrong section cause i put it in the general which didn't even ask for an account name or anything, so i went back later can changed that. I turn the second one into the Game Technical section as that asked for my in-game name and stuff, so it seemed like the right tab to sumbit that stuff.
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    As we've explained to you in the past, your account was banned for cheating on an Official Server. It will not be returned. The reason your latest tickets went unanswered is because we explained this to you in previous tickets last year.

    Your other accounts have been banned as well as circumventing bans is not permitted.

    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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