having sound issues recently

I'm not sure if this is a windows-update issue or something else, but my sound is messed up. I've reinstalled the game with no luck.

Grenades in the next room sound like they are going off on the opposite of the map. Gunshots are the same way. Footsteps non-existent. Generally, the volume of everything is just really not right.

using soundblaster z pro studio with the same settings I've had since day one.

Has anyone else had this issue or discovered a fix?



  • SeVn.MaxSeVn.Max Posts: 230Player
    happened to me too, you have to reset the audio settings, I have the same audio card. Check speaker settings.
  • -=DA=-instinks-=DA=-instinks Posts: 11Player
    edited June 2018
    thanks for the response - I restored defaults in windows settings as well as in the soundblaster panel, then reset all of my old surround, eq, smart volume settings but still no luck.

    do you have windows set to stereo or 5.1? I guess its headphone dependent, I have beyerdynamic dt990s so I assume I've always had this on stereo, but don't remember.

    Edit to add: also sbz panel is set to headhpones mode
  • SeVn.MaxSeVn.Max Posts: 230Player
    i use " direct stereo" 2 speaker.
  • }{Gorilla}{}{Gorilla}{ Posts: 688Administrator
    Is your sound fine for everything else sept AAPG? Have you tried to check the integrity of the game cache?
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