Internet goes off when game starts/server list problem/joining problem

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So the first problem is that when i start AAPG, i am connected to the internet(discord, teamspeak etc.) but when i try to load something on google chrome it does not work. This problem gets fixed after 5-10 minutes of game running or closing the game.
Second problem is when i go to server browser, the initial reload of servers is moslty filled, but every reload after shows less or 0 servers in browser.
When one reload is successful, and i try to join the game it just says "Loading..." with the circle going round and round but does not join the game. I must time it so i look at friends server info on steam, and when it shows players, that is when i can join the game.
Problem happens on PC, Steam, Windows 10.
Anyone has any solution?


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    Can you test your net connection? This sounds like and issue with your net provider. Do you have any other games on your PC that you can test to see if the same things happen with the other similar games?
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    It only happens on AAPG, i am playing other games, CS:GO, SMITE, Overwatch and some others and it only happens on AAPG, same with server browser, only on AAPG... same with all issues aswell.
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    Hmm that is odd. For now lets try something simple to see if it fixes the issue.

    1st. Go to Steam Library.

    2nd. Right click AA:PG and select Properties.

    3rd. Select Local Files Tab at top of game properties..

    4th. Select Verify Integrity Of Game File...

    Let this run, Normally there are always 2 updates needed witch come from PB. However if this does find any other issues complete the update or fix and then after completion restart steam. Do it again this time It should have to 1 to 2 updates needed from pb and nothing else. Try to play and see what happens.

    Also as a side note sometimes net browsers just stop working proper do to add-ons and out of date versions. I would not know about Chrome because I do not use it. However I do use Microsoft Explorer and Firefox. I like both of them and I have had odd issues with them from time to time.

    As for server not showing up, This is one of those bugs that recur from time to time. I have this happen 2 times to myself. 1 time I was able the fix the issue by changing all the filters in the games Server Browser. And I had to filter every filter 1 by 1 from left to right till they all say any again and and the full IP was all Once I did that and hit refresh for some odd reason all the server came back. I have seen about 20 people with the issue and out of them all 6 of them were able to do this method and it showed the servers. The rest it did nothing.

    The 2nd time this happened to me when I tried to use that filter trick it did nothing for me. I had to go to my history bar to find the servers that I usually played at or my favs. However they did not always show up. There was a trick to it. Hit refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh. Till they showed up lol. In both instances this issue fixed itself after a update to the game.

    One more thing that can cause some issue to this is you might have to many cookies and you need to share them with us all or we will kill you and take them for our selves. Lol Just kidding but not :P With the net sometimes a proper clean will help. Don't go threw Chrome to do it. Go to your Control Panel. In General you'll see Browsing History. Click delete browsing history. Once that is done to be safe you can do it on Chrome right after.

    In the search bar type run then in Run type %temp% Delete everything in this folder it is memory that your ram is using and the files that should not be deleted Windows will not allow you to delete like FXSAPIDebugLogFile.

    Since you have already done all this by now the best thing you could do is check your system. Go to the search bar and Type in Defragment and Optimize. Analyze then Optimize all the Drives. After then run CCleaner if you buy it. You can also run the free version but I would recommend to anyone to purchase this program for Professional Plus if you can afford it. If not the free version works just fine too lol. After doing all that Please restart your computer and steam. This is vary important after doing these steps.
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    I don't wanna quote your reply, because scrolling would be hard, but thanks for the reply.

    I already did verify game files and i deleted all steam cache but both did not fix it.

    With the google chrome issue, it also happens in steam browser, so its not GC issue, when i start AAPG, if im connected to Discord, Skype, Teamspeak or such, i STAY connected but cant browse anything, untill 5-10 minutes pass and it gets resolved by itself.

    For the server browser, i didn't notice it being fix by time passing by, but restarting the game and waiting couple of minutes i can connect to new servers.

    The game is playable by itself, but this is just annoying, i dont mind them being there, but its just annoying.

    Anyway, again, thank you for the reply.
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    I'm sure someone can come up with something. It trial and error with most of these things. I will see if I can find any more info tomorrow.
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    Thank you so much!
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