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Hey, seem like we got a new kid on the block. Who's behind


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    I'm not involved, but after a few conversations with the guy he's getting my full support moving forward. Apparently, he's an old AA2 player who returned to the AA franchise. He happens to have scripting and web experience, so he decided to start AAGL. Target demographic is EU comp community. He speaks German (native) and English (pretty well).

    My opinions below...

    -Building his own script
    -No outside influence from an organization with aspirations outside of AAPG
    -Already funded a BDX gaming server for the community
    -Is German. Hopefully can attract 3 or 4 German clans that have been absent from comp.
    -He's had the ability to observe the failings of various leagues and improve where they're lacking

    -Relatively unknown at the moment
    -No (clear) support / supporting cast right now to move forward

    -Will the script be viable
    -Release date of Inaugural Season
    -Will AAGL be willing to compete with TWL, or will it focus on lower level teams

    I think AAGL has the unique opportunity as the new kid on the block to come in and make a big splash. There's no biased, there's no talk of legacies or disrespect, there's no interclan grudges. It appears he's doing this out of love for the game. It's been completely funded by one individual. If the league can keep their eyes and ears open, there's much to learn from the mistakes of others.
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    Great post doogle! thanks a bunch.

    I look forward seeing what's coming. And I also hope for ze germans to come back ;)

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    Nice to see that are guys that still care for the comp of this game, probably with the lack of updates it's a little to late, but still, good luck :)
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    Hey everyone,

    first thanks doogle! for your answer. I didn't realize that this is an active forum and that there is a discussion about the AAGL. Please excuse for my late response.

    AAGL is an idea or a dream to bring back a europen/international league like TWL was at AA:SF. I think the strength was that teams decide how many time they spend. Teams challenge other better teams. Weeks with a lot of matches and weeks with only one match. No fixed game plan (except in the playoffs). I know the feeling to climb up and than beat the first place. To take and hold this position. Great feeling, esport.

    What is AAGL at the moment?

    After a AA:PG tournament with friends the idea has grown up. I startet to find a name and I startet to develop the page/script. At this point, I had no idea what was needed for such a (big) project. There were many questions and things that needed to be solved. I spoke with german people to find helping hands. They had interest but really nobody wanted to contribute anything.

    I still decide in my short spare time to finish the page/script and to solve some questions later. I couldn't tell when the page would be ready. A setback was an illness of three fu.c.kin.g weeks and some not so nice private events. There was no progress throughout february.

    The website/script is a part that I can finished. But there are a few elementary question to solve:
    - Find enough people for help? Admins? Moderators? Translators?
    - Enough clans/teams/people interested?
    - League/Season planning, rules, ...?
    - An own league anti-cheat program necessary? No sense without?

    At the moment I think there are many and enough people who want an active league again. Some people have the experience to handle such a league. Or is it just an illusion?

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    Hallo nevex,

    I think you will find that there is currently a mixed bag of emotions regarding AAPG competition. Some teams have almost disappeared completely, others are patiently waiting for someone to MAGA..I mean, Make Americas Army Great Again.

    If you continue to be strong willed and put this thing together, I think people will play on AAGL. There is currently no league available right now. TWL crumbled and their replacement has been silent. It's hard to gauge interest at the moment, some teams tend to vanish if there's not a "reason" to play.

    We have to be realistic with our numbers, I wouldn't expect 30 teams. If operation cost versus number of teams is a concern, it's my personal opinion that if you put a donation button on AAGL. This may help the longevity of AAGL and help you fund the hosting and game server rental. I'd certainly chip in if there's a chance that AAPG comp continues to live on.

    It's interesting that you talk about bringing back the old format which was largely ladder/challenge based. There have been a few names calling for this style of play again, but it's been abandoned in AAPG for tournament style play. Perhaps this will be a change that not only creates interest in competitive play, but maintains interest in competitive play.

    I cannot answer most of your questions, but I can give my opinion.

    - Find enough people for help? Admins? Moderators? Translators?

    I think there are some very dedicated people in the EU community who would be willing to assist. Age does not equal maturity though, so whoever ends up working w/ AAGL should be able to receive constructive criticism....because that's something we're good at (complaining). Ich Keine sprechen ze Deutsch, but there are several Germans (including yourself) who speak English well enough. I think the most important thing will be to get the rules and whatnot translated correctly and then English proficiency on your staff should not matter too much. We are an international community and not everyone will not have the same language abilities.

    - Enough clans/teams/people interested?

    You will probably see fluctuating levels of players and clans. I don't think you'll ever see a big league pick up AAPG because we are so small. But if you temper your expectations, I think there will be "enough" interest. Of course, you are the one funding it so you are the one who determines what is acceptable to you. Is 10 teams enough for you to keep AAGL running? What about 7 teams? 20 Teams? etc..

    - League/Season planning, rules, ...?

    There will be many opinions on formats and rules. We've had successful seasons with different rule sets. I think for the most part you could copy what others have done. Only thing I would say is don't start an event with 1 week of advertising.

    - An own league anti-cheat program necessary? No sense without?

    We used MOSS at FGN and then recently at TWL.

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    many thanks for your answer and opinion. It helped a lot. Some people contacted me. Maybe some can help and join the AAGL team.

    Your idea about a donation is great. At the moment I can handle it alone. The goal is to bring up at least 3 gameservers on different locations. Later we will see what is also needed. The technical part for the website/script and the teamspeak 3 server is safe. This is my part.

    "MAGA" is a good word and goal. :) When I came back to AA, it was a fantastic feeling. You can grumble about some thinks but overall there is a feeling like AA:SF time. There is a good german community and every evening many people come together. I agree with you and hope too, there a people who are waiting for something. When there is a new league and community page, they will be part, part of a team in a bracket.

    The next days will be exciting and I'm glad to have found the dialogue. You are right too, constructive criticism and compromises are important. Some things are certainly given because an idea exists. But it will not be like "eat or die/take it or leave".


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    thumbs up for AAGL! if any assistance is needed ping me on steam - piSSko. It would be great for an invite league if there is a fee of 20-30 bucks per player and than that money goes towards the final prize. For open league it can be smaller fee like 10-15 bucks. More teams = more players = better prize for winning teams.
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    Hey piSSko,
    thanks for your answer. I think the first season(s) will be an open league in 1on1, 3on3 and 5on5. But later an invite league for each mode is possible.

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    It's live :D You can now register your team @
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    Beta website registration and season registration

    Hello everybody,

    many thanks for the people who helps. To register is one way to help. People shows us that they believe in the project. Since the release we have everyday user registrations and some teams are registered. We hope many more will follow.

    In the next website update titles and icons will be unlocked. Users can collect titles. They are showing in their profiles. The first title is for people who register in beta phase in may. It is a rare title and you will not be able to earn it after the beta.

    In the future there will be more events with titles. The season ladder winner and the season winner get also a title. Let's see what comes more...

    Register, form your team and join the first season of AAGL.
    Season start is the 1st of june. The battle begins on 15th of june!

    See you on
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    Clan signed up and ready to play =)
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    Wwhat about NA, anytime soon? I bet there are many guys who would love to play a league...
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    there is discussion on the AAGL website about possible NA ladders. At the moment the planing of the first season (EU) is in progress and I hope to finished the league script in a few days. It would be nice if more people and teams register. The script is open for more ladders but there is more thinks to be planned.

    See you on!
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    Hey, seem like we got a new kid on the block. Who's behind

    one more month before it starts kinda curious to see how far this will go.
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    It will only be as successful as the community wants it to be. Sign up Luke :)
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    doogle! wrote: »
    It will only be as successful as the community wants it to be.

    True. It would be nice if more people and clans would register. To be present. A subscription in a Ladder is the other part. | MY Tournament League Script | Open Source
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    You guys need to adv more. Maybe by posting league link and short description on clan's forums as it's obvious ppl rarely are visiting AA official forum. On Discord there are only few of us in the AAGL group. What about sending private messages to a clan leaders on Steam?
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    Organizing tournaments isn't easy, like I mentioned before. We had good people behind some tournaments but people didn't give a sht about. Now it is a matter of time for the game to die.

    Over 2k Golden Hawkeyes.
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    In the last weeks a talked with many people. What scares me the most, people just talking but only a few are doing something. There are many things people can help. I hoped that maybe some people who organized tournaments in the past came back and would help. It is unfortunate that there is no AA esport anymore.

    My goal was/is to finish the league script. To show the community we can build something. But if there is no interesst anymore in AA esport, this project cant be a success.

    I still do not give up yet and I will do my best. But my free time is also limited. As we say in Germany: Hope dies last.

    Now it is time to register as a player, register your clan. Be present at the community and take part. Joining a ladder is the other part. Give the project a chance. And maybe you even want to help. Join the AAGL team. | MY Tournament League Script | Open Source
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    AAGL is taken down?
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