AAPG devs need to create some rookie only servers



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    I agree, and most others do too, but how do you keep Experts from creating a new account to go and harass the newer players?

    I agree completely with this. To get better a player must play with experienced players. If the player is up for the task and wants to play the game then the player will have already gotten a feel for what to expect in the game and how others play in it. This is the same as someone starting a new career. Clearly someone new to a job will either jump in hoping not to make many mistakes or with ask to shadow a coworker to learn the best way to go about.

    Also the skill lvl is a factor. There are many great gamers that can download a game look at the settings and watch a couple youtube vids and know how to play the game and just dominate players no matter their ranks. Weather its a new player or an old player on a new account. These gamers will destroy where ever they go. At least in a experienced server when a new player starts to shout hacker the more experienced players can teach the player about the game and how to evaluate properly and make changes to setting s or his OP system for better performance.

    Seems to me that would be less confusing to a new player then having another new player who acts like he or she knows what they are doing and gives another new player false information. Witch in return can be more damaging when the player is corrected by a experienced player or a game professional. Causing even more confusion and possible negative confliction.
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    the game's dead already, the devs pushed the flo game type too much and didnt listen to the requests of its playerbase.
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    I'm not going to touch that one.
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    Last time when I was on an official server, there were mostly E-1 players and they kicked constantly higher ranked players haha, was funny to see.
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