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    does not complete the publication of the map. A work of 70 mb, (upload completed successfully), steam discharge 4.2 mb
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    comp checkout is 93 mb and download shows 77 . no matter what i do i cant open it in training just aa game exe is closing crash screen . all other updates yesterday morning went ok and today ok but seems as for 12 midday yesterday till 6 ish got bugged .
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    edited May 2018
    ok guys i updated bdx carrier . file size on steam 85 mb .
    after update broken map in training .
    re uploaded and the download file size was 40 mb.
    so imo we are having editor issues with the searing / cooking of files / compression of materials and stuff for upload .
    please can someone check this out .....has it been changed again in the coding for editor or are we all facing a new editor bug .
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    This morning i published a VIP version, but can not load. The first attempt loaded 12 mb, in the second 67mb. The map from file is 145 mb! please solve this problem!
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