settings glitch

Sibelis2Sibelis2 Posts: 34Player
So as soon as I downloaded the update and went to redue my settings I realized it's bugged. Whenever I go to switch something the change happens 3 or 4 options above the reticule, can't even reach the bottom button lay out. Quite frankly I hope it's not just mine so mayhaps it will be fixed(unlike the fire while reloading bug) cause it instantly became unplayable with strange controls and the inability to reset them. Relearning a scheme I don't like is prohibitive, even for my favorite tactical Fps.


  • Sibelis2Sibelis2 Posts: 34Player
    Here's a vid of the exact effect.
  • KartiganKartigan Posts: 84Developer
    Thanks for the video! We'll definitely have it fixed next patch.

    Also looking into several users reporting saving problems with settings and other menus.
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