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CirconskiCirconski Posts: 16Player
Hi, It would be very great if we could make lobby for scriming against other clan or team. It should be a priority because almost every fps games haves this. You can't let this go because AA:PG is a competitive game... The gaming today is way more competitive than few years ago. So you should make this as a priority. Without, it's anticipate the death of the game. Well I think Loll...

Sorry, im a French Canadian, and I try my best to express my ideas.

Thank you, and I will see you on the field!

By the way my ratio is 3.65 now !!! Woohooo


  • CirconskiCirconski Posts: 16Player
    By the way I mean by that is about CUSTOM GAMES...
  • qRuXxqRuXx Posts: 14Player
    BUMP! If they want this game to survive it needs to be more than just public games.

    Having the ability to host custom games is a must. That way teams can practice versus each other, and maybe a possible expansion to a competitive scene with ladders on GameBattles or any site really.
  • qRuXxqRuXx Posts: 14Player
    Oh wait just saw updates coming haha. So hype for private matches ps4
  • ghostthatshighghostthatshigh Posts: 50Player
    I have put some thought into this because I also really want some good competitions and team battles like we use to have on game battles .

    I made a psn community for the forums here so we can set up something for the update and if things get properly fixed we could set it up so we have one party on a team vs another party. Like alpha vs bravo , alpha win and moves onto delta or something . Check the community out and post some ideas !

    It's a request only so send one or a friends and I'll accept . Also we can invite our friends on our lists so we can make this exclusive and not have randoms who flash bang or annoy us on the mics lol psn is ghostthatshigh and the community is called America's army forums .
  • ghostthatshighghostthatshigh Posts: 50Player
    I was also thinking we could start a sticky thread here for scheduled teams battles or the current rankings once things get worked out . I started the community because I figured it would be easier on the psn network instead of going through the whole process on game battles , if we have have a thread here and an active community on psn we can run the same system as game battles . Ideas ?

    I just think it'll be easier . Schedule is here with ranks and we host events and party's through the exclusive psn community ?
  • CirconskiCirconski Posts: 16Player
    Yes, this is exactly what I tried to express qRuXx. I knew they talk about this before I post this, but they have to make it as a priority.

    Secondly, I'll add you both and im already in your community on PSN.

    Thank you guys to reply, I appreciate it.
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