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    WOW, I can't believe all the comments in here. All of Australia and New Zealand's servers have basically been offline for six months due to this. Never ever any helps................. oh it's not a game issue. Talk to your provider.............

    6 months?

    This [TOS Violation] has been happening for well over 18 months on Asia Pacific servers!

    To clarify - when I repeatedly reported this to my server hosting group they investigated the logs of numerous attacks and the story always came back the same. They are connections flooding the server. It is not a DDOS. It is a targeted attack specifically against the game server. The deficiency lies within programming (imagine my surprise) of the game server itself - the attack effectively exploits the servers willingness to keep accepting connections - whether they are legitimate or not. Their advice - refer to the developers of the game to fix the programming of it.

    Like you said - until this starts affecting US servers, the devs will do nothing.

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    I'll confirm that the AU servers have had problems for more than a year. and I tried several times to track down the problem. I've run AAPG server in Australia for close to three years and the problem is very intermittent (i.e. hard to replicate).

    I do know that sometimes punkbuster can cause the 988 ping, from the client side. The server side not syncing is a problem we could never track down. We even went as far as to sniff all packets and give the trice-over to no avail.

    As I don't run any servers anymore, I can't offer any assistance. But I will say that it looks to me to affect servers that are more distant from the USA (maybe an auth problem between rounds during scrore updates? ... just throwing it out there).


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